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Dragon Roman Tiles

Mã SP: TYC 101-3
Giá SP: Liên hệ
TYC101-3TYC 101-3
TYC 101-3
Dragon Roman Tiles
Đánh giá bài viết

Large Dragon Roman Tiles
– Size & Weight:
  * Concave tile: W190xL180 (mm); 1.3 kg
  * Convex tileL155; Ø95; H90 (mm); 0.9 kg
– Construction direction: 5 set/ m

Medium Dragon Roman Tiles
– Size & Weight:
  * Concave tile: W170xL140 (mm); 1.0 kg

  * Convex tileL120; Ø76; H70 (mm); 0.5 kg
– Construction direction: 6 set/ m

TH Ceramics will contact to a transportation agency as customers requirements. 
– Shipping cost will be paid by customers. 
– Transport means can be chosen flexibly depending on customers locations: 
* Vietnam: Vans, Containers, Motorbikes
* Foreign countries: Airplanes, Boats